March 16, 2018

Wawa’s Boot Camp is excited to introduce A10 as its first streamer!
A10 is a top-tier Overwatch player who specializes in tanks, but also has in-depth knowledge about all aspects of the game. He loves to play Soldier 76 and Tracer as well. He has reached Rank 21 in the EU competitive ladder and currently has 3 accounts that were in the top 500 this season.

A10 began Overwatch as a Support player, which is the role he usually took on in other games, but especially after starting to play Zarya, he began to pick up the off-tank role that he specializes in today. He loves to answer any questions on stream and says he will never turn down a VOD review request (your funeral, not mine).

Did you know; A10 is top 500?

Along with his rank, however, he is also active in voice communications with his team, and you will have the opportunity to hear T500-level shotcalling and coordination. His key advice is to keep a PMA (positive mental attitude!) to avoid trolls and toxic behavior when communicating with others.

A10 is an avid videogame player who loves music and meeting other gamers. His stream will be dedicated to being educational and insightful for players of all skill levels (but not without the beloved LuLs, C9, and PogChamp plays, of course).

If you’d like to improve your Overwatch gameplay and want to watch A10 play, check out: His hours are generally 12-7PM PST.


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