March 16, 2018

Rusto gives insight on the upcoming changes to tier 2 and tier 3 Overwatch scenes and his thoughts as the owner of The Savages, one of the top performing teams currently in the Open Division. We talk about the history of his team and their position at the top of the tier 3 scene, the tryout process and the formation of contenders and academy teams, and what changes contenders will be bringing to the Overwatch esports space.

Although there are a lot of changes about to happen, the scene will be in a healthy spot going forwards. Allowing the academy teams to be relegated shows a healthy preference for talent of a team over existing organizations and will be interesting to see how academy teams handle this in season 3. Academy teams have been under construction for quite some time, which explains why teams largely kept tryouts less public than what was seen during OWL, coaches already had a good idea for who they wanted before the announcement of contenders changes was announced.


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