March 16, 2018

The loss of Dennis “INTERNTHULK” Hawelka is a tragic blow to all the people who knew him, as well as to the entire Overwatch and eSports community. He was foundational to the early growth of the Overwatch scene as he handpicked Chipshajen, Cocco, and HarryHook to form perhaps the most notable professional team in the history of Overwatch, EnvyUs. He was a great team player, coach, and friend to the community. He took part in and helped form the Overwatch community we are all a part of and love.

Words can’t express the impact Dennis made. He shared and, to a large degree, shaped the proud culture and passion behind the Overwatch, and with it, millions of friendships and relationships. If you would like to read more and send a letter of support to his family, please visit this page

Dennis will be sorely missed, but his legacy never forgotten.

-the WBC Team and the Overwatch Community


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